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    DOU is a new lifestyle brand that looks to capture urban style, humor and mix that with athletic leisure wear. DOU apparel is perfect to wear on workout days, hangouts on the weekends or low-key days when you want to be comfortable and not sacrifice style.

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  • DoU House Rules

    1. DO what U love (Life is too Short)
    2. Stay Unique (Everyone is Different)
    3. Consistency Over Intensity (Think Long Term)
    4. Good Vibe Only (Negativity is Contagious)
    5. Strategy Trumps Willpower (Have a Plan)
    6. Can't Outwork a Bad Diet (Facts)
    7. Embrace Grace (We ALL Mess Up)
    8. Have Fun & Laugh (Enjoy Your Life)
    9. Celebrate Small Wins (They Add Up)
    10. Change Starts With U (Start Today!)

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