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    DoU Fitness Design is a fitness-based consulting company founded by John Nwisienyi.

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    Fitness Design

    DoU Fitness Consulting is one of the best in creating functional, multi-purpose workout spaces. Our expertise is in designing elite training facilities that maximize any size space or budget. The average gym facility is constructed with high ticket/high maintenance single-use equipment pieces. Often, the end result is expensive, over-filled and pretty/aesthetic gyms that lack function, flow and well thought out logistics. Our methodical approach seeks to maximize client value while minimizing cost, wasted square footage and on-going general maintenance.

    Corporate Wellness

    DoU Fitness Consulting specializes in increasing employee engagement, staff education and overall office production. Wellness programs can help companies to attract and retain talent, improve company production and profitability and lower insurance cost and premiums. The DoU Wellness Program offers a series of challenges, incentives and online resources to keep up employee participation. Our broad range of training programs and services ensures individual progress by meeting each employee wherever they are in their health and fitness journey

    Facility Management​

    The DoU Team has years of industry expertise to manage and deliver elite coaching, programming and customer service to any facility. We specialize in simple, yet effective online solutions that maximize the usage of existing gyms. Our programming can turn any location into a turn-key, full service training studio. Clients will receive the benefit of 24/7 guidance that is built specifically for the equipment and logistics of their workout space.

    We are in a world where fitness is such an important part of lifestyle. Fitness facility and program design is an exclusive service to develop an effective, convenient, affordable and sensible workout experience. The goal is to help you design a home gym or workout area which is both functional, and adequate for your exercise program needs. I will help you make the right choices, avoid common mistakes, design and select equipment determined by your budget and maximize any space/square footage. Issues such as individual goals, injury history, layout, flooring, flow and storage will also be considered.

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    Meet John Nwisienyi

    I pursue passions not paychecks.

    John Nwisienyi is the founder and owner of DoU Fitness. A very successful training business in Dallas, TX. He has over 12 years of experience in the fitness industry that ranges from gym ownership to work in health clubs, athletic facilities and boutique gyms. His expertise includes program design, injury prevention/rehabilitation and nutrition coaching. Most importantly he loves what he does, and feels blessed and fortunate to be able to help people


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