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  • 4 Rules of a Warrior

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  • Sports Performance Training

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    Summer and Off Season Training

    Make Your Next Season Your Best Season!

    This training program is based on a 2 Day/3 Day program (can be adjusted to athlete’s schedule or time limitations). This program is designed to maximize gains in the off-season, reduce their chance of injury and fine tune athletes to ensure maximal performance for the upcoming season.

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    In-Season Training

    Your Best Ability Is Your Availability!

    The in-season program is 30-45 mins long and designed for athletes who are currently in-season but want to maintain their strength, improve mobility and body function and reduce the occurrence of overuse injuries. The program focuses on tissue quality, movement, maintaining strength (light lift) and injury prevention.

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    Team Training

    Team Makes The Dream Work!

    There is no better work environment than working out with teammates in a hard working, team building setting. If scheduling is an issue, we can work to find a suitable time for your teams. Contact for any special inquiries… Train together, Play together.

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    Online Coaching​

    A Personal Coach With You At All Times.

    If you are a player and like our programming and system but you can not get to us, we can now coach you from anywhere in the world! Online coaching is a great way for players to have access to world class programming and coaching whenever they need it. Players can get help with: injuries, soft-tissue tweaks, re-hab routines, mobility series, nutrition/body composition help, In-season maintenance programs or supplemental off-season routines.

  • NFL Combine Training

    Train Hard. Recover Smart. Preform Better.

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    Combine Program



    This program is designed to safely maximize gains, reduce their chance of injury, and fine tune athletes to ensure maximal performance for the upcoming combine or pro day. Groups are kept small to allow maximum individual attention.


    After every strength workout, players will work on the specific drills that they will be asked to perform for scouts. A huge emphasis will be placed on the 40 yard dash, L-drill and pro agility shuttle. Players will be timed during practice to ensure weekly improvement and to ease the anxiety associated with “the clocks” on the day of their workout.


    All athletes will be provided post-workout nutrition supplementation. This will aid in the recovery of damaged muscle tissues and help to replenish muscle glycogen. Along with post-workout nutrition, athletes will be guided on body weight and body composition (based on position and ideal playing weight).